About Us

 AS Medical Coding is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified organization which offers Medical Coding and Billing Services and has been in the business of revenue cycle management for over 10 years.

 Currently we have our offices serving medical billing clients and offer medical billing services to hospital-based specialties including radiology, pathology, and anesthesia as well as office based specialties including ENT, surgery, family practice and internal medicine, EMS and chiropractice.
 In addition to medical billing, AS Medical Coding Technologies provides a full suite of ancillary services to compliment core RCM activities including certified medical coding, data analysis, a secure client portal, and many other services.


  • Accelerate the growth of the flourishing Medical Coding and Billing Industry

  • Our Vision is to become India’s Largest Medical Coding and Billing company for doctors and hospitals and to be the most preferred Choice of work for medical professionals

  • To provide World Class Solutions in the Medical Coding and Billing industry enabling Hospitals to flourish and jobseekers to manage their career potential.


  • To Grow and Develop successfully by connecting the talented healthcare professionals and the Top Hospitals in US.

  • To create Value Based work culture for our team members to achieve their goals.

  • To become the market leader in the healthcare industry by providing expert services with highest professional standards.